BREEZE is the finest
"tribute" band you will
ever hear. Longtime fans
of this group all say
the same thing;
"It's amazing—you're hearing
all your favorite
artists in concert—
all in one night."
With uncanny vocals
and musicianship,
presents the frontrunners
and pioneers of rock and folk
rock in a concert-style
everyone from Jethro Tull
and The Moody Blues,
to Neil Young, James Taylor,
America, Chicago, The Beatles,
and The Rolling Stones. You will
travel back to the days
of Deep Purple,
The Who, The Allman Brothers,
the Doobie Brothers,
Van Morrison, Santana
and Pink Floyd to name a few.
So come and listen to
and you may catch
yourself saying,
"man, you just close
your eyes...!"